What Are The Best Valentine’s Date Ideas In LA

What Are The Best Valentine’s Date Ideas In LA

Besides anniversaries, Valentine’s Day is about as romantic as it gets. Here at One Museum Square, we know how to appreciate the finer things in life. There’s no better way to do this than by spoiling your special someone with a day spent around your apartment near Miracle Mile Ca. Are you wondering what the best Valentine’s date ideas are in LA? We’ve got you covered.

Once you leave your luxury apartment near La Brea and head out on your date, nothing but the best awaits you. Here are a few of our recommendations for how to have a romantic day with your special someone this month.


Stroll Through the Botanical Gardens

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Stroll through the 120 Acres of Huntington’s astonishing and angelical botanical gardens then explore the library’s extraordinary collection of rare books. Located just east of Pasadena in San Marino, Huntington’s Library and Botanical Gardens is at the top of One Museums List for ideal Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

We suggest if you want to impress your date, to book the Tea Room. From the museum, books to the gardens and the mansion on a property your time will be nothing short of perfection. The Huntington Library and Gardens is located 20 miles from One Museum Square’s luxury apartment.

Pack some snacks in the car and enjoy your picture-perfect afternoon on Valentine’s day.


Cielo Farms Wine tasting in Malibu


The lush landscape and panoramic views of Cielo Farms serve as a wondrous backdrop for a Valentine’s Day celebration. This magnificent Tuscan-inspired estate will not disappoint. The estate spans over thirty acres with expansive views of the Malibu Hills and offers unmatched serenity amongst the hundreds of olive trees on the property.

They have a saying, “where the sky and our little slice of heaven on earth await” and we can agree the quote stands true. Your ideal romantic day getaway is a short hour away from your luxury apartment on Miracle Mile.

The Barn at Cielo Farms showcases their Woodstock and estate wines. The enchanting sunsets along with the ocean-scented air, combined will make your Valentine’s day experience uniquely wonderful. 


Omakase Sushi Date Night

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One of the best Valentine’s date ideas can be done at many romantic restaurants in la. Make sure everyone leaves dinner feeling special and satisfied is to eat at a restaurant with omakase. If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s similar to a tasting menu.

Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining style.  The chef provides a meal tailored to your preferences based on availability, budget, taste, and seasonality. We recommend one of the most romantic restaurants near La Brea, Matsumoto.

A date night and sushi equal an ideal Valentine’s day! 


Romantic Dinner at The Little Door


If the last restaurant recommendation wasn’t good enough for you, this one is considered the most romantic restaurant in LA. The Little Door serves modern French fare that you’ll surely love. This Parisian-style brasserie is a short drive away from One Museum Square on  3rd street.

Take your date out for dinner and then enjoy a glass of wine back at your luxury rooftop lounge. Enjoy 360 views of the night sky over Los Angles Ca. Be sure to grab flowers on your way to their place and they’ll be swept off of their feet.

When living near Miracle Mile, enjoying. a night at some of the finest restaurants isn’t a dream. It’s a reality.


Couple’s Spa Day


Take the day and head to a couple’s spa. Relaxing is definitely one of the best Valentine’s date ideas in LA. Life can be stressful, and your special someone would love a day of pampering. We’re sure you could use it too!

There are many great places around LA to spend the day in a spa. One of the highest-rated spas in Los Angeles is Tomoko. This relaxing getaway in Beverly Hills features a couple’s massage you’ll want to book now.

Enjoy your day of romance and relaxation and treat yourself to a spa day. Both you and your special someone deserve it.


Enjoy Champagne and The Sunset From The Sky

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If you’re looking for an extra special Valentine’s date in la, we’ve saved the best for last. This is definitely one of the best Valentine’s date ideas in La. What better way to appreciate living in one of the greatest places than to admire it from the sky?

Take your date up into the clouds on a private helicopter ride. Enjoy a magical sunset and a glass of champagne as you celebrate your love. Look out over Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles. If you’re looking for the perfect place to ask an important question, here’s your opportunity. Who would say no to a proposal in the sky?

If you end up going on this date, you’ll have to spot One Museum Square from the sky. Just look for the tallest luxury apartment building in Miracle Mile. We’re hard to miss.



We hope you have the best Valentine’s day this month. Enjoy your time with those who mean the most to you. Whatever you do, make sure you feel special as well.

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