High-End Holiday Decor Guide


High-End Holiday Decor Guide

christmas decoration color trends | One Museum Square

When living in the middle of it all, you want to make sure your space is the place to gather during the holiday season. With Christmas on our doorstep, many of you will be decorating your luxury Miracle Mile apartments for the holidays. Before you start hosting your holiday parties with friends and family make sure your apartment is decorated like a winter wonderland.

Here is our guide for high-end holiday decor to fill your apartment with this December.

Here at One Museum Square, we like to take a refined and indulgent approach to all things interior design. This Christmas, you might want to try out a new color theme or style of decoration than a traditional Christmas. Keeping the luxury feel in your apartment is easy to do by following these tips for decorating with luxury Christmas decor. Keep reading to find some festive inspiration.

Choose your Color & Theme

Christmas decoration themes and ideas | One Museum Square

The first step in achieving the look of high-end Christmas decor is picking a cohesive color palette and theme for your space. This can tie your entire apartment together. From the living room to the bathroom and into your bedroom, pick a color or theme that would work anywhere. If you usually take the traditional approach, with lots of greens and reds, this year you might want to explore a new route.

A few of the color trends for this Christmas include a monochromatic theme, pastels, mixing metallic surfaces with subdued colors, or minimalism. Whichever theme you choose, try to keep it in line with your personal taste. This way the decorations you put up generally go with the rest of your everyday decor. The overall theme you choose is the most important part of our high-end holiday decor guide.

christmas decoration themes metallic | One Museum Sqaure Mid Wilshire apartments

If you were trying to stay on trend this season, there are two general routes people are taking. Either you want to go all out with nostalgia and bright pops of color, or you want to opt for a sleeker refined look. A great place to look for these themes is CB2 as they often have pre-packaged sets of decor items and themes for you to choose from. Head there early or shop online, as their Christmas decorations sell out quickly.

Holiday Door Decorations

Christmas door decorations wreath | One Museum Square

An easy way to show your festive cheer off to your neighbors is right on your doorstep. Switching out your current door decoration, or empty door, for a cheerful Christmas wreath is an easy fix. You can pick up a wreath while you’re at CB2, or pick up some supplies to make it yourself!

Making your own wreath adds a great personal touch to your decor, and it can be a fun group activity to do with friends. Make a festive drink and play some Christmas music while you design the perfect wreath.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to deck the halls and doorways, check out Veranda’s article on ways to decorate your door this Christmas. However, you decide to decorate your door, make sure they’re apartment-friendly decorations. Command strips and hooks make putting up and taking down decorations easy and damage-free.

Place Settings & Table Decor

Christmas decoration place setting | One Museum Square

A great table setting is important to any high-end holiday decor guide. When you’re hosting your friends and family during this time, your dining table can be a great gathering point. Focus a lot of your decorating efforts here to ensure that the time spent at the table is as festive as can be. A view of a beautiful tablescape with a glowing Christmas tree in the distance sets the mood for holiday cheer.

Just like we mentioned before, it’s important to pick a theme for your place settings. Because this area still has to function as a table, you’ll want to keep the size and amount of decor to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you have to choose a simple design though.

Picking out a great centerpiece to tie in the colors and finishes of the rest of the place setting is key. To find a few high-end decor examples for your table, head to Veranda’s page of picture perfect place settings.


We hope you found inspiration in our high-end holiday decor guide. The process of decorating for the holidays should be cheerful and relaxing. As long as you’re adding a festive touch to your luxury home, you’re doing it right.

We would love to see which theme you choose to use in your own apartment this season. Share your versions of luxury holiday decor and holiday spirit with us @onemuseumsqaure on Instagram. Enjoy the holiday season along Miracle Mile.

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