Where to Find The Freshest Flowers In Mid City

Where to Find The Freshest Flowers In Mid City

When living in such a beautiful place at One Museum Square, what you bring into your home matters. Making your apartment feel like home by adding your personal touch is important. Once you’ve decorated your space, you might find yourself wanting to keep things fresh. An easy way to do this is by adding your favorite fresh flowers to your luxury kitchen countertops or bedside table. Wondering where to find the freshest flowers in Mid City?

You’re in luck while living at your apartment in Miracle Mile. There are plenty of flower shops nearby to supply your floral needs. Keep your apartment looking fresh to welcome you home. Stop by one of these local flower shops to pick out your favorite arrangement.

Flower Art

luxury apartments for rent in los angeles near miracle mile | One Museum Square


If you’re looking for a creative arrangement to bring into your home, head down the street to Flower Art. This floral shop has some of the freshest flowers in Mid City. They take floral arrangements to the next level. Their unique arrangements are the perfect addition to your luxury apartment.

Head over to check out their flowers and pick out your favorite. Make this floral shop your new go-to for your fresh apartment decor.

The Flower Daddy

Just down W 3rd St is a flower shop with a name as unique as its arrangements. The Flower Daddy is the answer to your question of where to find the freshest flowers in Mid City. Your luxury apartment in Mid City deserves the best flowers.

The Flower Daddy has high ratings and won’t disappoint. This florist also specializes in events. If you have a special event coming up, elevate the experience with their lifestyle brand. Perhaps you’re having a party on the rooftop of One Museum Square, and you want to upgrade your tablescape.

Check out their website for more information o their event planning and more. You won’t be disappointed.

Wild Flora

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Spend your afternoon exploring the floral wondering of Wild Flora. With two locations in Studio City and in the Original Farmers Market, they are an LA favorite. They brighten up the neighborhood with some of the most beautiful flowers and home accessories.

This store is more than a flower shop. They have home, health, and beauty goods that complement their flowers. This one-stop-shop has everything you need to feel refreshed and keep your home feeling bright.

Add some color to your life and your routine by stopping into Wild Flora. You won’t regret heading over.

The Peonies Shop

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This store has the most reliable employees that put care into your floral arrangement. They make sure that they deliver only the freshest and most beautiful arrangements.

This shop is just a short drive away from One Museum Square towards Larchmont Village. If you don’t have time to stop by in your busy schedule, don’t worry! This shop with delivery right to your door.

As the name hints, they specialize in Peonies. If these beautiful flowers are your favorite, you’re in luck. They have a wide variety of arrangements. They only offer the most quality products and services.

Rendevous Flowers

Gift yourself with a modern arrangement from Rendevous Flowers. Or even better, order someone else a gift from their shop. There’s no better housewarming gift than a fresh arrangement of the most beautiful flowers.

Whichever arrangement you choose from this shop is a great one. They put time and effort into each arrangement that will end up in your beautiful home. Place a fresh floral basket on your kitchen counter or coffee table and enjoy for a while.


As you can tell, there is no shortage of fresh flowers in La. Whichever shop you stop by, pick a floral arrangement that you love. Enjoy coming home to a bit of color and life while your flowers are on display.

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